No teletext via Pace Freeview box?

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by PJnewbie, Jul 19, 2004.

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    I have a Pace Twin Digital Recorder (bought it ages ago, one of the first batch) but I cannot seem to get teletext on it. I go to channel 9 and just get the caption "teletext" at the bottom (as I do with any channel name) but just a blank grey screen. A friend with the same decoder gets a PACE splash screen and a prompt to hit the Text button but I do not.

    Should the text button work, since the manual says it is for future use? Or does it only work on channel 9?

    I read somewhere that text did not work on the initial launch until the first update. Is this true and if so can I force the download?

    Cheers all.

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