No surround sound via tv and laptop


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Dec 12, 2012
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Hi folks

Hope this is the right forum for this!

Normally I have my tv hooked up to my surround sound. Works simply enough, just select the tv source and switch my surround sound to AV.

I've just hooked up my laptop to my tv via and HDMI cable and I'm getting a great picture. Trouble is the sound is only coming through my tv speakers.

When I turn on the surround sound all I get is a hissing noise, no audio.

So if the surround sound works when the input to the tv is 'Sky' does anyone know why it won't work when the input is HDMI/laptop?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Your Tv maybe doesn't pass through 5.1 surround from an HDMI input?
How is your Sky box connected to the Tv and amp?
How is your Tv connected to your amp...HDMI ARC or optical out from the Tv?

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