No surround sound on new Bond Blu-Ray


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Apologies if this ends up in the wrong forum but I don't really know where the problem lies.

My system is:-Marantz SR 6008 receiver, Panasonic DMP-BDT180 4k Blu-ray player and a Sony KD-55XH9296 TV.

A few days ago I bought the new "No Time to Die" Blu-Ray disc. I agonised over getting the 4K version but I couldn't get hold of that before Christmas and also the Blu-Ray version was a third of the price of the 4K version. So tonight we sat down to watch the film. Dolby Digital+ was selected on the receiver and the build up to the film was coming from all 5 speakers but as soon as the film proper started, it reverted to stereo. I checked the settings on the receiver and on the DVD player but I couldn't get any 5.1 sound. Dolby digital was selected on the disc setup menu. When I looked at the Blu-ray box, it said that the sound was Dolby Atmos. I must admit I'm a bit ignorant regarding Dolby formats but I would have thought that would have worked with my setup.

Is there a problem with my Blu-Ray disc or is there a problem with my settings or my equipment. I've got hundreds of Blu-Rays and DVD's which play 5.1 perfectly but this has me stumped.



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Choose TrueHD 7.1 if your receiver can't accept ATMOS.


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TrueHD has been around for about 9 years.


Thanks for the quick reply. The receiver is 7 years old and I'm not sure it has TrueHD 7.1 as an option.... I'll have to check.
It has Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA. You may need to select TrueHD on the disc's home menu as Atmos may be the discs default setting.


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Thanks to everyone who replied. I took a look at the issue this morning with a clearer head. I checked the receiver settings and they were fine. I put the disc in and checked the disc sound options. There were only 3.... English Dolby Atmos, Italian and English descriptive. Then I looked at my Blu-Ray player settings and stumbled on this one:-

The "BD-Video Secondary Audio" had been set to ON so after reading the last couple of lines of text below it, I set this to OFF. I played the disc again and I had surround sound. The receiver was reporting it as "DolbyHD" where before it was just "DolbyD". I've never touched those player settings before and I think we've had it for 4 years.

So I'm not sure exactly how I solved the issue but it seems to be fine. Like most people these days, we stream a lot and I'm sure that this is the first Blu ray disc that I've bought that has "Dolby Atmos" listed. Thanks again.

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