No Surround Sound, Not showing as Atmos, what have I done wrong??


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Jun 13, 2017
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West Sussex UK
Hey guys

This is all new tech to me, I am 57 yrs old and until recently had a well old Plasma TV, so, please bear with me and if you can help it would be appreciated!!

Okay so, I have the following and all using certified HDMI 2.1 Cables

LG SP11RA Soundbar
Panasonic 820UB 4k Blu Ray Player
Sky Q Box

Now the connections.....

Sky Box is in HDMI 1 I believe, top slot on the left hand side of the TV
Below that, the HDMI eARC on the TV is connected to the eARC HDMI port of the Soundbar
The Panasonic 820 is connected to the HDMI Port Below the eARC on the TV, HDMI 3 I think it is

So, the problem

I Only finished connecting it all up yesterday, my wife loves the film QUEEN and I brought the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" in 4k so she could watch it

Trouble is, although the soundtrack is in Dolby atmos, I couldn't actually tell it was any different, all the sound seemed to be coming out of the Soundbar, nothing at all at any point was coming out of the rear surround speakers so very very disappointing :(

HDR came up on the TV Screen so I know it was HDR, but what the sound is doing I have no idea? It says eARC on the soundbar when the film is playing

Has anyone any clue as to what I have done wrong?

It took me over an hour with the LG Soundbar App on the iPhone to get the thing connected to the WiFi which I finally managed and I used the AI Calibration on the app to try and fix the sound but it hasn't seemed to make any difference at all sadly which is a great shame, I was looking forwards to this all singing all dancing setup and I am disappointed beyond belief :(

If anyone has any help or advice, think I have missed something or set it up wrong I would be very grateful if you could give me some help

Thank You!!!
They are Wireless and Linked to the SP11RA Soundbar and I have checked those and the Sub, all are showing a steady green light meaning they are connected
Atmos adds overhead effects to the soundscape - in your system the overhead channels are produced by drivers on the top of the Soundbar bouncing sound off of your ceiling.

Placement of the Soundbar, the make up and height of your ceiling and the layout of your room/seating all play a part in creating a realistic surround (5.1/7.1) and or immersive (Atmos) soundscape.

The surround and overhead channels are not used at all times in a movie and will be used to varying degrees by the sound engineer.

You can usually hit an info button on the Blu-ray remote and that will let you know what audio track/format you are playing.

Hey guys 😁

Well, turns out it was me lol I’m not surprised to be honest but…

In my haste to show off the new equipment to the wife I just pressed open on the Panasonic Player without actually turning the player on, popped the disk in and started playing it

It was only this morning when I turned the player on with the remote that I was greeted with a setup section that then tested the settings and sure enough, when I played the movie again, Atmos showed on the Soundbar

Problem solved and I thank you all for your help and advice!!

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