No Sudden Move (Sky/NOW) Movie Review & Comments


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Pleased to see this added to NOW TV. After lots of buzz on Letterboxd, I've been looking forward to this for a while..


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Thanks Tom, looks like I’ll be sticking this on tonight then 👍🏼

Tom Davies

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I must say I'm just finding the fish-eye odd. At first I thought something had gone wrong with my video processor... Maybe I'm not artsy enough to get it...
Yes it certainly could be one artifice too many in the name of making it feel disorienting. I admit I relaxed into it after a while but can't fault your criticism.

Casimir Harlow

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This has been on my radar for a minute. Soderbergh doing crime, and two of the coolest actors on the planet. In fact it recently got touted by WB as a digital purchase for today (HBO Max jobbie, no mention of Sky) so it's another good sign that HBO Max stuff is coming pretty quickly to Sky here.

And all that, and getting an 8/10 from @Tom Davies. Yup, that's a must-watch right there. Can't wait.


Wordy, convoluted and weird in ending with (what at least nowadays) one winner that should please the woke KBW mob but cause confused disdain for the other.
The fisheye view, to me, is truly odd and more distracting than clever. t's like what period piece works sometimes do in using glass panes with an old style technique that warped views and when it's a moving image, forget about it.
I stayed to the end but didn't feel anywhere near rewarded enough to not still be left somewhat annoyed, by an out of focus talkie that should've aimed for a more concise clarity.


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Great to finally see this over here - did wonder if it was going to go theatrical like some other Max features but I think it plays pretty well on the small screen…

That’s being said it’s a little frustrating to get a new Soderbergh when there is still no sight of his previous film Let The All Talk - there’s probably very little reason for it not to have had a VOD release now


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As well as being on Sky Cinema/NOW, this is also available as a digital purchase from the usual places (Apple have it as 4K/DV, for example).


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Great movie. Soderbergh does this kind of thing extremely well, and always gets a top-notch cast. I agree with criticism of the fish-eye - I know he’s being artistic, and it’s supposed to be unsettling, but it’s overdone imo.


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Tom must be having a whale of a time. Two films worth an 8 for his last two reviews :D

I've just spotted this as I loaded NowTV, so good to see a write-up of it already. And that it's worth a watch.



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I watched this last night.

Not bad.

A little messy though in structure and not as tight as I'd expect from someone like Soderbergh. I didn't like the fish eye either, it was unnecessary.

Decent performances all round, but if we're honest no-one really got out of second gear. Not sure the ending worked either.

But as a little crime caper it was worth a watch. However not one I'll revisit.

So I can't go higher than 7/10.

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