No Subwoofer output from Sony STR-DA2400ES


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Hello everyone.
Sorry this is about "old" gear, but I've had a very satisfactory surround system consisting of a STR-DB790 6.1 Receiver linked to wall-mounted Denon SYS-550SD speakers and powered sub-woofer. Has run perfectly, but have 7.1 speakers and always wanted to utilise them all.

Opportunity came when a friend offered me his Sony DA2400ES to try out. Set it all up, but noticed no sound from the sub when sending test tones in sequence (other speakers fine). Ensured it was set as 7.1 in surround set up (or 3/4.1 as it is termed) Ran auto set up using the microphone, again no sound from sub, and noted auto set up left surround set up as 3/4.....sub not identified I guess.
Have tried every possible combination of settings, speakers set as large, then difference. Impedence set at 4 ohms (speakers rated as 6). Full 7.1 showing in display. Changed sub cable

Decided there was a fault with the receiver, so purchased another DA2400 that had been working perfectly according to the seller.
Guess what?.....exactly the same thing....nothing from the sub.

Plugged the sub cable back into the original DB790, run the test tones, and works perfectly.

I've run out of ideas! Is the Denon sub, just not compatible with the DA2400, have both replacement receivers got the same fault (hardly!), or is there some other setting I've not discovered?

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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Any chance that you might have accidentally plugged the subwoofer into the multi channel input (that is at the bottom of the receiver) rather than the subwoofer pre-out that is at the top of the receiver?


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Rambles If I knew you I'd give you a kiss!! That's exactly what I did!! Didn't even see the socket at the top, so just kept on trying with it plugged in at the bottom.
Thank you so much for pointing that out. You've made my day!!

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