no sound with Sony TRV19E



NO sound. can anyone help i have a sony trv19e and have put unlead video studio 7 on my pc. the problem is when i transfer from film to pc i get no sound. i am sure there is somewhere where i can change the settings i know its not the pc or the camara becase i have transfered on my friends PC before. finaly i am using firewire

i hope someone can help many thanks


I had this a while back. I previously transfered via firewire and had audio during and after capture with no problems. I didn't do any capture for a while, amd when I eventually tried again there was no audio via the editing software. It confused the hell out of me, so I started digging around and the solution was, at least in my case, very simple :blush: . I opened the audio controls (Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Volume Control). From the mixer window select 'Options' and from the drop down menu select 'Properties'. Now make sure that all the 'volume controls' are selected so they are displayed. I found that 'aux' and a couple of others were muted and by enabling these I now had audio for capture etc.

Simple when you know how :D



Is it a case of you hear no audio at all - or do you hear audio from your speakers but it is not captured by Ulead VideoStudio ?

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