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I’ve just (an hour ago) upgraded from Sky+ to HD and have a fantastic HD picture ... unfortunately I have NO SOUND through the optical out into my DVD/Surround sound system.

The engineer set it all up and showed how it works to my girlfriend, with the sound coming through the TV’s speakers. I came home as he was leaving and found the surround sound doesn’t work.

I have an Xbox and Bluray player connected to a switcher along with the sky box which the goes in to the back of the surround sound system.

My Sky+ system was set up in the exact same way as the new HD except for the HDMI cable replacing the Scart connection to the TV. The sound for the + box was the same cable being used for the HD ... which worked this morning.

I’ve tried connecting directly to the surround sound with the optical cable and tried one of the other cables but nothing works .... even though the red light is coming through the cable.

Anyone have a clue ???

I’ve call the engineer and he might be able to come back tomorrow !!

Cheers J


In the sound menu the audio output just gives you stereo or mono. There is a optical output section which says normal or Dolby d. I've set that to Dolby d.

It's strange because the old box worked fine this morning.

Miss Chief

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Do you get a red light at the end of the optical cable? if so the box is outputting properly. If not double check your settings!


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I don't see how you could have this set wrong enough to not work at all. Either the box or cable (or amp) is knackered.


Yes there is a red light coming from the cable, so it should be working. I put the old sky+ box back in this morning and that works fine. It's got to be a faulty hd box !!

The enginner was going to come back this morning but no sign yet and his phone is switched off. Looks like I'll have to call sky for a service call ... How long is that gonna take lol

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