No sound playing dvd on PS3 through surround sound system


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All of a sudden I cant get any sound through my ps3 which is hooked up to my Samsung HT-TZ315R via optical port on both.


So I retraced a thread I did agaes ago when I was hooking it all up for the first time:


But after trying this on the PS3 again im having no joy...any help please be much appreciated.

I cant find no optical to select from samsung surround system though...its been so long I forgot what to do to be honest.

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Hi :hiya:
The answer is in that previous Post
You need to select Aux In on the Samsung and cycle through till D-In shows

(I did the above with ps3 settings and went back to the samsung surrond system and just clicked the aux button a few times with haste and cod4 is now blasting on the D-in command )
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