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No sound on Xbox 360 with Pioneer PDP4270XA


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Hope someone can help me here,

Just got a Pioneer PDP4270XA rigged up the Xbox 360 and am using the compent HD cable, have set up up nicely and all works fine (picture is amazing) but I can't get any sound?

I've got all the cables in the right places, and I know its not my wire as when I put it into the scart attachment it works fine but the picture is shoddy with that.

I'm not using an amp just want basic sound for now, the Tv sound is fine and I can get sound on my Ps2 when I hook that up with a scart so I'm totally confused as to what I'm not doing.

I've been into the tv settings and can't find anything there to change for the sound and if I go into my audio settings from the 360 dashboard it gives me 3 options, digital, digital 5.1 and another one, I think thats where the problem is as it should be bog standard stereo but it won't let me select that the option isn't even there.

Can anyone help I'm tearing my hair out here :(

thx in advance


Distinguished Member
Sounds like uv not got the Audio part of the component cable connected.

U should have the 3 Video ( Red, Green, Blue ) as well as the normal Phono (White and Red) audio connected.

Should have the 5 plugs connected. Check.
Audio for the component input is usually right beside the 3 video plug inputs.

If these are connected then must be something wrong with the phono audio connections on the component input. Tho quite unlikely to be faulty on a new TV.


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Hi mate
Ive got a pio not your model but on mine the component and the scart are input 2 so plug the component in for your picture and the white and red audio cable and the scart adapter plug that in and and away you go


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Hi mate
Ive got a pio not your model but on mine the component and the scart are input 2 so plug the component in for your picture and for audio plug the white and red cable and the scart adapter in and away you go


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Thanks for coming back to me, I can confirm all those wire are connected.

I can also confirm the wires do work as they give you a small scart attachment end (to plug the red,white and yellow jacks into) When I do this I do get sound but the picture is terrible as it's all going through one cable and not being split into RGB etc.

I have the 2 red and whites in the same area, there is only one on the back so hard to get that bit wrong :)

The Tv works find and sound is fine through the digibox and both my PS2 and Xbox will play sound fine through scart connections, so I can confirm:

1) the Cable is ok
2) the tv scart sockets are ok
3) the RGB picture is ok

I can't confirm the TV's audio jacks are ok however.
I did test it with the red and white settings plugged in and used headphones and still no sound.

I'm not sure if I should ring the seller and see what they can suggest as Im not sure how to test this connection, I've also tried looking on the tv setup for something to change the sound input but there isn't anything.

I think the xbox is confused as on the audio settings it thinks its getting a digital signal in and I thought those red and white jacks were anaologue?


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Scottymc you are a legend.

I was plugging the phono jacks directly into the tv, then I did as you suggested, I just plugged those into the scart attachment into slot 2 and bingo, Sound

thank you so much, I love you and want to have your children :)


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Lol glad it worked mate and sorry for the double post :) was meant to edit



Can any one help,I am getting a picture but NO sound i have just connected my lad's xbox 360 to a brand new HDTV - Previously it was plugged into a normal TV connecting the AV leads White and Yellow into the white and yellow slots inTV and switching to AV and all worked fine.

With this newTV i can't get sound at all. am i wiring it wrong i have tried to use the same method as above and also tried to use the different colours into the different slots in the TV but still no sound....:(

Please can someone HELP ???????


Standard Member
I would say your easiest option is buy a scart lead but if you want to get a quality picture go to a "Game" store or somewhere similiar and buy an offical Xbox 360 COMPONENT cable.

This will have about 5-6 wires on, Red, Green and Blue for the Picture and then Red and White for the sound, plug all the leads in to the tv (the jacks are coloured coded) make sure you select the "component" option on your tv menu.

This should give you both picture and sound.

Once you've got a picture go into the Xbox dashboard menu and go to system settings then crank the picture up to 1080i or 1080p and you'll be blown away.

Good luck

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