No sound on subwoofer, suspect sub output on amp.


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Need a little help here.
denon 4300 and svs pc ultra 13. Was working fine. No changes, and today I don’t hear anything on the subwoofer.
a few tests done:
played iPad directly to subwoofer and sub plays the music (so no denon involved at all)
checked denon settings, all look ok. speakers set to small, sub enabled, trim levels all normal
tried test tone sweep and nothing heard on sub.
Factory reset on the denon and no improvement
tried different subwoofer cable, no change.
used same subwoofer cable on preout of left channel and hissy test one can be heard on the sub, albeit pretty quiet.
sub is set to on for power (not just auto) and gain is at 30% (normally plenty). Cranked gain and no change.
Set to auto power on sub - then sub doesn’t turn on from the input signal (used to)
With sub cable disconnected from denon, I tap the end and can hear the thud on the sub.
and finally, tried the sub 2nd out and enabled 2x subs and tried test tone sweep. Nothing heard.
Feels like issue is with the sub preout on denon... but welcome any suggestions to try something else


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I’m continuing to try things.
if I start a new calibration, I get the familiar loud rumble on the sub.
I don’t understand! Not least having done a factory reset.
I’ll complete the calibration and see what happens then.


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...ok, bass is back with the sub. when playing music etc through denon the sub is running. But, if I run the test sweep from the denon I still hear nothing to the sub, all other speakers are fine on their test.
I have a pc with REW so I’ll try that later and see what I hear,
I’ll have a ponder, not sure this makes sense.


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If nothing helps send email and address it to Ed Mullen. He usually knows what to try and knows where the possible fault could be. Just link this thread in the email.

[email protected]


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So I’ve narrowed this down to not getting anything on the test tone and that’s it. Everything else seems to work fine, still plenty of lfe playing during films. So an issue with the denon, not the subwoofer.
I will ping denon cust service an email.

Ed Mullen

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Make sure all speaker channels are set to Small with a crossover of at least 60 Hz for the fronts.

Some Denon AVRs have a separate 2-channel set-up under the manual set-up menu. Check that to make sure it's set the same as the main/primary set-up (Small/60 Hz).

Also, make sure Direct or Pure Direct is not enabled - that will typically kill the sub-out and force the fronts to full-range.

If you still can't get a sub rumble tone - you might need to do a full factory reset on the Denon - but definitely consult with Denon tech support first.

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