No sound on old film


I think this is amp related rather than DVD player related but apols if I'm wrong.

My dear old misus wanted Frank Capra's b&w classic "Its a wonderful life" on DVD so I got her a copy. When I played it, the sound was terrible during the opening titles and disappeared completely after that.

If I turn my TV speakers back on and bypass the amp, I get the sound back. I've got a Tosh SD220E DVD player and a Marantz SR5300 amp and Mission M73 fronts. My amp is connected to my DVD player with a digital co-ax cable. The DVD player is also connected to the TV via a scart. The film is marked Dolby Digital on the case but it won't produce sound using any of the amps sound modes.

It's only a problem with this particular DVD. Everthing else plays fine. Any ideas?



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set your amp to "auto detect" on the DVD input.


Thanks but the Marantz does not have an "auto-detect" facility. You have to manually designate an input.
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