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OK - I need some help. We've bought a new DVD recorder and we have no sound when we record or watch the SKY box through it. I am a numpty when it comes to cabling and attaching stuff - I just keep going until it works regardless of whether it's the right way to do it!

Our TV has has a single SCART socket. We have the aforementioned SKY box and DVD recorder. The single SCART socket on the back of the TV is routed to the 'TV Scart' socket on the SKY Box. The 'VHS' socket on the SKY box is connected to the DVD recorder. The DVD unit does not (as there's only one SCART socket on the TV) connect to anything else.

So - we have no sound when recording to DVD or when watching SKY through the DVD unit. Whazzup!? :confused:

Go easy - I'm a numpty remember :lease:



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When recording on the DVD, press the "SKY" button on the Sky handset and see if that gets souns/picture on your TV. Failing that, press the "TV" button instead!!


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is the scart lead in fully, try swapping the scart lead round the other way and make sure it is pushed fully home, you have classic symptoms of this problem.

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