no sound from vcr


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i posted about conneting my video to my dvd a few days ago because the video was jumping i didnt get any replies think maybe wrong place well i got it sorted now and everything works fine except that when i play the video there is hardly any sound does anyone know what the problem will be.


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There is a connectivity diagrams solution on the Sony webpage. You didn't state whether it was a dvd player or recorder you had. Assuming it's a recorder then the connection diagram should be something like this :


If this is NOT your setup go onto the Sony home page and enter in your equipment you need to connect.

The sound fault is possibly a bad connection on your scart leads or a faulty lead. Try a new lead containing a fully wired (all 21 pins) connection.

It could also be a faulty sound head connection on the vcr - especially as you say the tape was jumping about a lot.
The tape should have a smooth crossing across both the video and sound drum heads. If not then expect some faults to be evident on tape playback.


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No sound on a SCART wired setup often means the SCART cable has become partially dislodged from its socket at one end of the cable - ie VCR or TV.

Try checking the SCART plugs are both firmly pressed home into their sockets and the cable plug's edge looks 'parallel' to the socket - ie that physically and visually it appears pressed in correctly.


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thanx all i have checked the leads and they seem to be ok i will try reconnecting everything again at the weekend

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