No sound from subwoofer !!! Need help !!!



I have onkyo TX-DS787 receiver and Phase Technology, Teatro 11.5 system speakers ( )
My Teatro 11.5 main speakers have built in powerd sub woofers. I don't have a seperate subwoofer. I was trying to use the built in subs to .1. I have connected line in's of both the main speaker sub woofer to the receiver subwoofer pre out through "Y" connector. I set the subwoofer to "Yes" in the speaker setting and all others as "small". But I'm not getting any sound from the sub woofers. I can get the information from the subwoofer when I try to set the speaker level calibration and bass peak level. If I pull out the cable out of the line in on the main speaker subwoofer, I'm getting the sound out of subwoofer. I'm new to HT and need help with this. Any amout of information is greatly appreciated.



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If the subs work in Calibration and Peak level then they are setup correctly, my Marantz pre amp has similar features, one possibility for no sub output is if you have set the Onkyo to "Direct" mode which bypasses tonal controls thereby rendering a sub silent (it might also be called "CD Direct" or similar).

There are other possibilities but I'm weary of insulting your intelligence.

Do the subs work when playing back music in Stereo, if so then the problem could lie with your DVD/LD player.

I'm gonna hide before you read this :D

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