No sound from center speaker Marantz SR6006


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hi everyone, I'm having trouble setting up my Marantz amp. Its connected to bluray then tv, both by hdmi. Both front speakers and center speaker are connected correctly, however when playing Blurays or even during test tone in settings there's no sound from center. Yesterday I was messing with settings and suddenly it was working during test tone, but again not while playing bluray apart from surround mode "Multi channel stereo" where center speaker was playing. Could You tell me what settings do i choose (hdmi/ audio/ surround settings- there is quite a bit) to get the sound from all speakers? Thanks


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It sounds like the amplifier is set correctly but your TV is only passing back stereo.

Check the audio settings on the tv.


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Double check that your speaker assign is correct and that all your connected speakers are showing up on the onscreen menu. Then check that all speaker wires and secure and correctly wired red to red, black to black. Also check that when you are listening to the blu ray player that the amp is playing a HD audio track. You can toggle the green movie button to go through the audio options. This is for a connection by HDMI directly from your blu ray player to the amp.

If you are using ARC with the blu ray player going to the TV then you will have to check the TV's audio settings.

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