No sound detected on amp when using Optical splitter...


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Hey there,
ive had one of these optical splitters and used it in reverse for months with no problems. i had my xbox and ps3 going into the splitter then the other end when to my amp, whichever device was turned on would be heard in my amp, perfect!
but i got a set of 5.1 headphones yesturday which have an optical input and and optical out which carrys the sound through to the amp so you dont have to keep plugging and unplugging the optical cables.
i wanted the setup of:

---------=> Splitter -> 5.1 headphones -> Amp
PS3 ->

but the problem im having is no sound is being received in the headphones from the splitter even though light is passed to the optical cable im plugging into the headphones. if i take out the splitter and go straight from xbox to headphones then they work fine...
also i tried going from Xbox -> Headphones -> Splitter -> Amp
but the amp didnt receive any sound... take out the splitter and its fine.
im really confused as light is passed through all the way..
any ideas?
these are short cables all the way so its not light the signal is weak.
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Does XBox->Headphones->Amp work?

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