No Sky+ to my new flat



I'm moving into a new apartment on Friday and I've just discovered that that there is a communal dish with each flat having a single feed.
Sky tell me that this will not carry Sky+.
Is there anyway that I can use Sky+ (brought from my previous address)?

I am on the 4th floor so cannot go it alone with my own dish.

Does this also mean that I cannot take Sky HD?


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right on both counts of no sky+ or hd, the only two options you have is :- you can do is install your own dish, as you are on the fourth floor, if you have a balcony where it can be mounted facing the right direction and as long as no one can see it from the grounds, i cant see it would be a problem, failing that you will have to speak to the landlords, if you can get other residents on your side it will help to see if they have any intention of upgrading,
when it was announced a communial dish was to be mounted on our property i was the only resident that did not object with the proviso that it had two feeds for my sky plus, I was the only tenant to have this at the time but our landlords took this on board and were very accommodating, needless to say all apartments have dual feed, my vote of confidence did swing the other residents as they all know i work in the AV field (i have a well marked van), most residents now have sky+ as far as i know i am the only one with HD,
Depending on how many apartments are in your block and the actual interest sky themselves may work on a solution with your landlords, heres hoping anyway.
best of luck.
Kind Regards.

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It will work but you will only be able to record the channel that your watching bit crap i know but better than nothing


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There should be a distribution box that is linked to the dish which will then link to all the flats. If you are lucky and there are spare cable points on this (they tend to come in multiples of 8 or 16) and it's close enough, you will be able to get a second feed installed.

If you have Sky+ or Sky HD installed on the single feed, then your recording/pause/chase play functionality will still work fully, but only for one channel - i.e. you won't be able to record a channel whilst watching another, or record two channels at the same time.

There are lnb splitters available (if you google it) but as far as I know they half the signal on each line and have problems recording channels at the same time with different polarities and bands - basically it's a bit hit and miss and wouldn't recommend it.

Lastly you could get all the residents to agree to a Sky+ upgrade but this might be a bit of a nightmare install depending on the layout/size of the flats, not to mention the cost.

Good luck :thumbsup:

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