No Sky Sports1 HD even though I pay for it in SD

Dave Williamson

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Hi guys

When I signed up for SkyHD I specifically asked the shop assistant who was dealing with me whether I would get in HD all of those channels that I subscribe to now in SD...

"Yes" was the reply.. "Are you sure?" I asked..

She then passed me onto the Sky rep that she was dealing with on the phone and I asked him the same question and recieved the same answer, If I was already subcribed to the movie channels then I'd get HD Movie channels too, subscribed to Sky Sports then I would be able to access it in HD.

I've since had Sky HD fitted and am over the moon with it, but when I try to access Sky Sports HD I'm told that I need to upgrade my subscription and to call a specific number...

I got my wife to call Sky (I can't be doing with being held in a queue for ever) and she was told that... "No, to access Sky Sports1 HD that I would need to pay extra, even though I already pay an extra tenner for HD and also pay for Sky Sports 1... surely this can't be true can it???

We do not have the 'full' Sky package but a mix thing where we pay for half of the movie channels and half of the sports channels.

This means that we can either access all 'odd' number movie channels or all even ones giving access to either Sky Movies 9HD or 10HD depending on which ones we've taken... I've just changed from evens to odds though as 9HD always seemed to have the better choice... We also get Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 3, which can be changed to Sports 1 & 2 if we wanted but as A1 racing is on Sports 3 that's the channel I asked for

I was led to believe that as we pay for Sky Sports 1 that we'd be able to access Sky Sports 1 in HD. Had I not asked the question in the first place then I would be kicking myself for assuming incorrectly but as I specifically asked if this was included and even described thoroughly which package we paid for, to both the Curry's assistant and the Sky rep then I'm feeling a little miffed...

Can anyone tell me if they are recieving Sky Sports HD after subscribing to Sky Sports 1 as I intend to ring up and have a rant, not that it'll do me any good....

Thanks in advance


own a box and pay HD subscriptiuon then if you have sky movies - you get sky movies HD - if you have sports you get sports HD - the person on the phone is wrong


own a box and pay HD subscriptiuon then if you have sky movies - you get sky movies HD - if you have sports you get sports HD - the person on the phone is wrong
To clarify, if you want to get Sky Movies HD or Sky Sports HD then you must subscribe to the complete Sky Movies Mix or Sky Sports Mix not just a single Sky Sports 1 channel. At least thats how I understand it.


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Sentance from bottom of the Free Sky+ box / £149 SkyHD booklet available at currys/comet/indy dealerships

When your Sky digital subscription includes both sky sports1 and sky sports2, you'll get sky sports hd1 and sky sports hd2. When your sky digital subscription includes sky movies 9, you'll get sky movies hd9 and when it includes sky movies 2, you'll get sky movies 10HD. Prem Plus season ticket holders get Prem Plus HD. Prem pay per view customers also get their chosen match in HD.

Looks like sports channels requires both but movies are separately available :(

Dave Williamson

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Thanks for that Neil.

What I don't understand though it that it is nothing more than a simple phonecall to Sky (<--Simple???) to change from our choice of Sky Sports 1 & 3 to Sky Sports 1 & 2.

I know this as we used to have Sports 1 & 2 but stuff I wanted to watch was only being shown on 3 and so we swapped over to 1 & 3.

So according to your quote I should be able to access Sports 1HD & 2HD if I have both of them in SD, which I can/do have with a phone call..

Would I be correct in that assumption?



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Subscribe to Sky Sports 1 & 2 and you will get Sky Sports 3 and Extra for free + you will get Sky Sports HD 1 & 2 as well if you take an HD sub.

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