No signal - please help


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Newbie to SKY and digtal for that matter. Only want the FTA channels anyway - so the kids can watch ceebies and cbbc.

Bought a second hand Panasonic tu-dbs20 digibox and a dish recently. As I already have an analogue dish on an outer wall (which I use for french broadcasts), I thought I would install the dish in the loft ( is this OK ?).

Linked it up to the box with Sat standard cable, but I get a "no satellite signal". I have also checked via the system signal test menu and I get no readings at all.
I know the dish is pointed in roughly the right direction as my neighbour has a dish and I am aiming in that direction. I have tried powering the box on and off also without success. The box menus seem to be working and it comes off standby.

What is most likely to be the problem ?


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A satellite dish needs a clear line of sight to the satellite so putting it in a loft will not work:)


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Yeah know I was a prat.

Anyway feel a lot better now having successfully installed it on an outside wall, aligned it and got it working fairly easily without the need for an engineer, satellite finder, compass, divining rod or pyramid.

Not bad considering it was blowing a gale last night !

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