No signal on Sony Bravia KDL-40HX800 after using PC - wife giving me hell - help!


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hi guys,

i need a little help with the TV which I have managed to ruin, and the wife is giving me hell. teach me to play around.

i ran our PC through the TV which worked fine, and the TV autocorrected to read the signal. the PC has an nvidia graphics card and runs wondiws XP.

i then closed down the PC and turned off the TV. no worries so far.

however, on turning the tv on again 30 minutes later (it runs of a cablebox), we got the 'no signal' message. everything else works fine, the tv on demand and so on.

i'm wondering if the PC has changed an internal setting, maybe the nvidia did it, which is why it says no signal. hoping i can change something back, such as the resolution or something but no luck so far

on the other hand, i'm really afraid that the nvidia has fired something internally.

any ideas on why this has happened?

learned my lesson not to mess with things - please help! thanks!



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i should add that i've rebooted everything (tv, wifi, freebox etc...), checked all the cables. totally baffled.

Chris Muriel

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Try a complete mains reset of the TV - leave it off for a few hours with no mains connection or overnight.
If that doesn't work, try going back to a 1st time setup or install (as if you had just bought the TV).

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