No signal on sky tv


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I have been receiving free to air tv from my sky satellite dish that was installed around 6 years ago. I have a grundig set top box. I have always got a picture even when it rains.

Yesterday I got a message on my tv saying ' no satellite signal'. I have tried turning the set top box off and on but to know avail.

It is still not working today.

Anyone any ideas. Could it be that the LNB needs replacing? It has not been raining but yesterday it was a bit windy. Today the weather is fine.


Could be corrosion on the LNB's f-connector. If this hasn't been touched in so many years this might be the problem.

Unscrew the f-connector and see if there's some green stuff on the main lead. Scrape off the green stuff and make sure, you don't have any cross wireing from the outer metal mesh wires (i.e. touching the main lead). Even better if you cut off the old connection and re-do a new cut. Make sure you have enough cable to do this though...


Yes it is, particularly this time of year, because in Feb/March the Sun is at more or less the same angle of elevation as the Sky satellite, and the Sun's heat gets focussed into the LNB by the dish. Also, when the Sun is in the vicinity of the Sky satellites, it increases the noise level on the signals, because the Sun emits radio noise.


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The Grundig boxes have a power supply that goes faulty with exactly the faulut that you describe. You might need to replace the PSU or repair it by changing all the capacitors in it. There's a thread about this. I did mine and it works a treat now.

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