no signal on my panny pw6



Hi all

I just brought a xbox high def kit and was running a game at 720p...
The plasma looked well cool and displayed it fine, but when I used a DVD movie the plasma came up with no-signal.

The cable was plugged into the PC 15pin connecter where
I used to watch DVD's from my standard DVD player.
Now it doesnt see any signals from that socket .
I have checked the cable, dvd player and xbox.

I have checked all the menus on the screen and manuals.

It has stopped working ..

Can anyone help me please. The screen is only 1 week old and its the first time I have used progressive scan mode



Just alittle more bit of information

my DVD player has compent output and thats going from the 3 phono plugs into the 15pin plasma vga plug.

This has been working for the last few days no problems

It was when I unplugged the 3 phono plugs and plugged them into the xbox high def kit.

The xbox was playing games in 720p mode lovely, then I inserted a NTSC DVD and started to watch it in what I think was 720p and within 2 mins it stopped and showed the message NO SIGNAL.

Plugging my dvd player back in doesnt work now and so doesnt the xbox.

I have tested the DVD player with its RGB signal and the xbox with its RGB signals and they both work, so this is making me think the PC connecter on the plasma has gone.

Any more ideas please


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