No Signal on 4k Recordable Freesat Box


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I decided to take the plunge and cancel Sky+HD. The dish was installed about 15 years for Sky+ and the box later upgraded to Sky+HD.

I setup the FreeSat box - plugging in both coax cables - and it only showed a single cable connected. Everything else worked perfectly, epg, freesat channels, ondemand, etc all was well.

I unplugged everything. Rechecked the cables. Connected everything back up - reversing the inputs this time - and this time got 'No Signal'.

I have rechecked the cables, even cut them back and refitted the connectors, but no luck. I still get 'No Signal' every time.

When I plugn the cables back into the sky+HD box it shows the signal strenth as 90%+ on both cables.

The weird thing - on the FreeSat box, when I check/scan for channels, the signal strength is zero and no connection - but - if I view the signal from settings, it shows a very low signal and I think it wrongly states its a Wideband LNB (this would indicate a Sky Q install which we never had) - also says 'Error 1 - connection/signal issues'.

I don't understand why one cable initially worked and now neither works.

I've run out of ideas to try and considering returning the box. Is there anything else I can try?


Can you try it somehere else - or won’t Scotland’s COVID let you do that?:)


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System Reset and/or Full Factory reset and repeat the first time install - so that a new postcode entry is needed?

Call freesat helpline or the retailer's helpline for advice?

Devices usually fail early on, if they fail. (Bathtub curve). So it may be that you need to return the box.


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Thanks Logi, unfortunately I don't know anyone else with a dish to try ... I do have cables in another from multi room install, obviously fed from the same dish but maybe worth a shot.

Thanks Rodders, I forgot to mention I did try a full reset without success. I'm thinking I need to get the box returned. Wishing I hadn't waited until the week Sky was finished before swapping the boxes over lol


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The other cables in the other room is a definite 'must try'. Also, the box should work with only one feed connected - on either input port and nothing on the other.

But others have reported 'out of the box' faulty units (one recent overheating and HDD errors - New generation Freesat STB - Arris ) so it is possible it's just bad luck and a faulty box, I guess.

It's also wise to re-check the cables again - if the thin WF65 shotgun type the centre core can easily be bent over when inserting and either short or make no contact. (I have the T-shirt on that). It only needs the thinnest whisker of braid to touch the centre core to wreak havoc, too with any coax cable. {I'm pretty sure you've already covered both, but still worth suggesting?}


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Cheers Rodders. I decided to take the box back for an exchange ... however the same problem persisted but at least i (hopefully) have elminated any issues with the FreeSat box itself.

Now, I have partial success. When you mentioned having the coax core too short, I decided to redo the cables again - although, as I said they were already working well in a Sky+HD box. I had previously left about 2mm above the connector, this time I have left 4/5mm.

I now have working TV using just one cable on RF IN 1 :)

However, if I connect the other cable, the box then decides I don't have any connections or signal.

Its weird, I boot the box with just the one cable and all works well. I switch it off, connect the second cable, restart ... still got tv ... scan for channels ... boom .. no signal :(
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I suspect a faulty LNB, is the dish accessible? If it is a quad try changing the ports used.


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Thanks Repassac. I don't have a ladder long enough to reach the dish. But I have ordered a Hybrid LNB so will be asking a favor soon to reach the dish and swap the LNB. I'm crossing my fingers that will sort all issue :)


you could try googling LNB skew. Loads of stuff fully explained

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