No signal from Pioneer GEX-P900 DAB Tuner


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Hi all, is anyone able to help? I have the following Pioneer devices:

Head Unit: DEH-P9800BT (bought on eBay: http://***********/39dtpe)
DAB Tuner: GEX-P900DAB (bought on eBay: http://***********/2lfozd)

The Head Unit is USA Spec. The listing was a bit confusing as it says, "Beware of a few sellers offering this item from USA", which I assumed meant it is not from the USA. That'll teach me not to read the small print further down the page. But it shouldn't matter as I do not plan to use FM/AM and have a DAB-only aerial. (Out of interest - any way to change it to UK spec via a hack?)

The DAB Tuner is from Canada but I am told by Pioneer it is EU spec.

Here's the issue:
Pioneer service centre installed both items and aerial. When scanning for stations, the head unit finds no stations from the DAB. They tried my car with a Sony DAB head unit and it worked fine.

3 leads are connected to the car from the DAB Tuner:

Are they missing anything obvious?
Does the Head Unit being US-spec change DAB tuning?
Does the tuner being EU-spec but from Canada cause issues?

Here is the DAB Tuner spec from the manual:
Frequency range
(Band Ò) .......... 174.928 – 239.200 MHz (5A – 13F)
(L Band) .... 1,452.960 – 1,490.624 MHz (L1 – L23)
Usable sensitivity
(Band Ò) .................................................. – 100 dBm
(L Band) .................................................. – 97.5 dBm
Mode .................................................................. I, II, III, IV)

I would have thought all Pioneer gear works with all Pioneer gear, especially via standardised IP-Bus.

PS: Just found on the Pioneer website that the tuner "only works with AN-70DAB aerial". Surely that is just a sales tactic and any similar DAB aerial would work?


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Two things, not all DAB aerials are the same, especially the Pioneer and JVC ones, they are powered and work on different voltages. Secondly, and probably your issue, the head unit P-Bus lead should be plugged into the IP Bus output (black connector on the DAB unit).


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Thanks, yes as stated it is the IP-BUS OUT plug on the Tuner that goes to the stereo. I will investigate the aerial issue with the service centre. Can't believe they didn't know that it needed a Pioneer aerial.

Would that explain why a Sony DAB Head Unit worked fine with my generic DAB aerial, but the Pioneer is more fussy?


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HI ,
I own a DEX P99 (similar to US DEXP1) and a GEX900DAB with active antenna mounted on the internally windshield. My experience is that the signal is very unstable , specially when scanning chanels. I can hear a clear signal one day in the same area and the next day I can't !
Is the head unit fully Dab ready, is the dab ready spot lights on when you pass to dab mode ?
Good luck with your set up.


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The easy way to tell if Pioneer units are UK or US/Canadian spec is to look at the two letters at the end the serial number. UK will have EW and US will have UC and generally speaking you will have problems with UC units in the UK or Europe.

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