No signal from HD DVD on my CRT television


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I have a Samsung WS-28M 166V television, a CRT television. My older, cheap DVD player broke down (didn't eject discs anymore) and I got my brother's Samsung DVD HR-753 dvd player to help me out. This is a DVD-HDD recorder, with upscaling to full hd.

I tried to hook it up using the scart cable that I used for my old dvd player. I also tried the cable that was included with the Samsung dvd player (red, with, yellow).

I get no picture, no signal whatsoever on my television. No matter what input I choose on my television (scart1, scart2, or AV/S). I tried all three connections.

Also tried all the outputs on the player: the two Scarts (but only scart 1 is output, scart 2 is input for a cable tuner device or similar); I tried AV (red, white, yellow) and the composite (red, blue, green), but only with my RGB cable so that's not really correct.

What can be the problem? Has it something to do with the fact that the player is HD and the older CRT television isn't? But then I should see some signal on my television?

Now I only see blue screen with the message 'No signal'...

Can anybody help???? :lease:
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I don't have any high-definition hardware myself but, AFAIK, you can only transmit HD signals via a HDMI, DVI or component cables - scart cables cannot carry HD signals.

So... I would guess that your Samsung DVD player is able to deliver an upscaled SD picture via HDMI or component and a standard DVD signal via scart.

I'm not sure why you're not getting any picture at all via scart - how did your brother have it set up ?

Is it possible your brother had it set to upscale to a HD TV, which somehow disables any SD output ? Unlikely though, I would have thought.

Does he have the manual ?!


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He has the manuals (and I also downloaded them for the TV and DVD player).

After a couple of evenings of looking and getting frustrated :), I finally found it: I found out how to turn off the progressive scanning (not clear in the manual) and now my TV receives the channel through the scart and also through the AV cable.

So problem fixed! :thumbsup:

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