No Signal (but I'm not paying...)


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Previously had Sky (and +) for a while, but cancelled them about 6 months ago. Still have the boxes and heard you can get all the free digital channels for a one off fee of £20. So I purchased a Satellite extension lead (10m) as the Sky box has relocated across the room. I plug it in today to the TV with the cables etc (though NO phoneline, and it does ask for one). I still have the old blue card in the box, but I get the error No Satallite Signal is being recieved (29). Seems a common error, but is it because;

My service has expired so I can't recieve Sky
My cable is dodgy and not transmitting
My dish is dodgy and not recieveing
My box is broken
No phoneline is plugged into the box

Basically I want to order a Freesat card for £20, but not if the box/cable is broken. Does not paying for Sky give the same error? When I buy the card will it all go back to working.

Also, if I am not an existing Sky customer, but wan't to buy the card and I ring them and they say the dish is dodgy, will they come out and fix it for free?

I know I should probably ring Sky about this but am at work solid for next few days and I heard it takes 30mins to get through, thought someone here might know, Thanks

Miss Chief

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Sky can't remove your access to the BBC or ITV as they're public service broadcasters. There's a fault with your equipment. Either dish alignment, fault with the LNB, faulty cable or faulty box. No point in buying a card at this stage. most definitely NOT the phone line.

Sky technical is really quiet these days. past couple of times I've phoned got straight through.

Stevenage Neil

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The obvious first place to look would be the "extension cable" you have added.
Can you not temporarily plug the box into the original cable(s)?


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Yes, I'll try with the original cable, I also have a second Sky+ box, and a dish connection downstairs (to the same dish I assume?) So I will try all combinations, new box, old box downstairs, without cable, with cable, try and find whats up.

So I should be able to get some channels, great!

If its not working up down, with either box, should I go up a ladder and tweak the dish a bit, I hear people have down this.



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Sorted, the cable inside the wall/to the sky box was dodgy. So I ran the new 10m extension through the hole in the wall and straight into the dish. Seems like I already get the channels I wanted (1-5, E4 etc) so won't need to buy a new FreeSat card, great!

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