No signal at new pad, what are my options?


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Just moved into a new apartment, but the signal on my orange phone is non-existent until I start walking down the road. Signal starts coming back about 50m from my door :(

I'm going to ask the neighbours whether they have the same issue, and if not what network they're using.

If it turns out that Orange don't have coverage in the area, is this enough grounds to be able to cancel my contract without any penalties? Currently about half-way through a 12 month contract after upgrading my phone last year. I would want to be able to take my number to another network though.

Alternatively, I've thought about trying one of those stick-on signal boosters that go under the battery, to see if it makes a difference. Do these really work? I've seen them for sale on eBay for literally pennies so am rather dubious as to their capabilities.

The other option is to get another phone until my orange contract expires but don't really want two numbers.

Anyone been in a similar position who can offer advice?


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I had this a couple of years ago, also with Orange. The big difference though was that I was outside the minimum contract so I simply used their Value Promise to switch to the equivilent of the Virgin tariff. Unfortunately for you, Virgin's tariff if now excluded from the Value Promise.

I think the only way forward is to switch to the lowest price contract available to you & then try to negotiate with Orange to buy-out the remainder of the 12 months.

Most, if not all netorks now provide free or low cost PAYG sims so you could unlock your phone & see for yourself if any other network has the coverage you need.

If you have a shiny new phone from the upgrade you could always sell that here or on eBay to fund the buy-out.

I tried a proper external aerial & it didn't make a blind bit of difference. I suspect you could write "Signal Booster" on a piece of paper & place that under the battery & get the same result as the eBay booster....

Fred Smith

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It's a pain but you could divert your mobile to your landline (if you have one) before you get home and then switch the divert off just after you leave home.

Or get another phone and divert Orange to the new number.

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