no scart on av/rec ??


martin davies

hi ,
stage 2 on my mission for home cinema !!
after buying a pioneer 656a dvd player, the next on my shopping list is a av/rec.

ive looked at few denon and marantz models and none have scart connections ??

there is probably a very good reason for this ?

so i assume its not just a case of connecting my vcr/sky/dvd players to the amp and then one scart connection to the tv ??
thus piggy backing the whole lot to the amp from one scart lead

ignorance is bliss



Marantz 9200 has 2 x SCART I believe. It isn't commonplace tho.

Ian J

Connecting up the video sources through the amplifier is mainly for Americans as most of us don't bother.

Wire the video sources directly to the TV and you "cut out the middleman" and reduce the risk of degrading the signal.

Wire the video and sound seperately as follows :-

Digibox - DVD Player - TV (using RGB Scart socket)
Digibox VCR Scart - VCR - TV (second Scart)

For sound there are 2 ways to connect.

DVD player to amp by optical or digital connector
Audio Outputs on Tv to Phono inputs on amp

The above works for many TVs but I find the sound from the audio outputs on my TV to be particularly bad so I have individual phono connections from Digibox and VCR to the amp (plus the DVD digital connection) and no lead from tv to amp.

Hope that this makes sense although it is nearly the end of day two without a smoke so it may not.

martin davies

thanks for this insight !

the way you have stated the video setup , is what i have at the moment ( not having an amp yet !!!)

so all i really need is an amp/rec with a digital connection for my dvd player and lots of phono connections for the vcr and digibox ??



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I Have 2 Scart Leads on My TV - One for DVD and the Other for Cable Digital.
There are also Front AV Sockets and Rear Av Sockets but both are Inputs.

How do I Connect an Amp to these ?

Is it a case of Phono Leads From Cable Digi Box and Digital Cable From DVD ??

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