No Satellite Signal Is Being Received - HELP!


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I've just plugged my box back in after moving it this morning to do some decorating, but am now getting the No Signal message...

I've double checked all the connections, and it was all working fine this morning - what could it be??


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The only connection which can cause those symptoms is the downlead from the double check you don't have a whisker of the braid touching the inner core and that the inner core is long enough to contact the centre of the socket.
The only other possibility (apart from the dish/lnb) is a fault has developed in the digibox...some makes can develop a fault in the power supply if they've been unplugged from the mains supply after years of use.


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No joy - rechecked all the cables, unplugged it for a bit... even tried another box & get the same mesage...

Looks like the LNB's dead, I guess. Is there any way it could have shorted out when the the box was unplugged? Perhaps if the ends of the cables to the dish touched, would that damage it?


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No, the LNB wouldn't be damaged but allowing it to cool down could show up an existing fault. Same applies to the Digibox power supply capacitors - especially Grundig.


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Make sure when your rescrewing the f-type connector (dish feed) back into the sky box that your not unscrewing the f-type connector from the coax cable as you do , hope that is'nt a patronising response but its usually the simple things that go wrong


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