No Satellite signal being received ??


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This seems funny as my warranty run out and my box last week and now these problems come up.

9 channels are down !!!

357 Music B4.
366 flaunt .
362 Bliss.

Anyone else having this problem ??

I did phone sky who told me to turn the lnb on and off.

Still the same. :(


Well I'm certainly no expert but I had a similar message recently on all channels despite the clock was running and showing the correct time. Clever that. I unplugged everything from the mains, left it to sulk & then Presto Hey! it all came back on.


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Well its been going on for a week.. last night i changed over the cables from the lnb and there all fine now.. :)


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All 3 channels are on the same transponder on Sky - are any other channels affected?

What make and model of box? - "Services" "System setup" "System details" - first and third lines please.

Possibilities if only one transponder
1 Interference from some Wi-Fi device or DECT phone
2 Failing lnb
3 Faulty cabling - with kinks, joints or wallplates
4 Failing dodgibox

1 "power reset" - switch off at mains for a minute or so.
2 Try also a "forced software download" - Swtch off at mains, press and hold "backuo" button on box front, switch back on at mains and hold "backup" button until either you see an on-screen message (if connected by scart to TV) or four LEDs light up on box front, go and make a cuppa as it takes 10 to 15 minutes, when download is complete the red standby led will light up, wait 30 seconds and turn back on with remote.

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