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ive got a standard sky dish with a 4 port LNB. Ive been happily using 3 of the ports and they work fine. However we did a garage conversion and wanted sky in this room. Its needs 18m of cable from the sky dish as its routed via the roof, and connects direct with no amplifiers or distribution boxes.

So ive set up with cable leftover from previous install and i get the 'no satellite signal is being received'. After trying different ports on the LNB, different cards, different receiver i still get the same message... so went to B&Q and got another set of cable assuming first had a kink in it and connected it, and still no signal being received...!

Im baffled..the Tv is fine, i know all the 4 ports on the LNB are fine, my connections are fine, ive tested the receivers, their cards (all tested indendantly on existing kit) but why cant i get a signal into my garage?

The only thing i can think is we need extra super duper cable as 18m is too far for normal????

Any ideas welcome after a frought weekend trying to get this to work


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It is possible for any number of the feeds to malfunction. 3 could work and 1 doesn't or 2 can and 2 don't etc. Simply swap the cable with a feed that you know that works to test the LNB for sure. A new LNB will probably be needed if the fourth feed doesn't work. Also try a different box on the end of the fourth feed to see if the digibox is duff.
Cheers, Franc
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