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Hi, can anyone help me? I have a freestanding floor mounted satellite dish in the driveway, which was there when I moved in. I do not subscribe to sky anymore but use my old sky digibox to get the freeview channels. The satellite dish was gently nudged today and now I get the message "no satellite signal is being received". This did happen once before but after turning the box off for a while the signal came back. This time, however, it hasnt. I have checked the dish and everything seems intact so I assume it has just been moved out of line. How can I get it lined up again? I am not very technical minded so am hoping there is a simple way of doing this. Many thanks.


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I've managed to do it with the dish just sat on a dustbin.
It takes time though and a bit of messing about. Only about 10 mins though.

It's just a case of having a nose at neighbour's dishes to get general direction and moving side to side, then up a fraction, side to side, up a fraction ad infinitum until you get it.

If you can't get it, you'll have to call an installer.
I wouldn't have thought that would cost much, as it'd be a 2 min job.
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Thank you so much, kind people who replied. I have got it working now through following your advice, much appreciated.:thumbsup:

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