"No Sateilite Signal being received" solution.


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Thought I would start this thread in the hope that it may save someone here alot of time, money and extreme frustration (unlike me):suicide:

Over a period of time, my screen would freeze and I would get the message "No sateilite signal being received". What confused me was that the lock-up happened at various times and weather conditions with no obvious pattern. I then searched these forums and read through numerous posts of similar problems.

I called on a local installer and after a bit of head scratching with me prompting him to check the LNB for water damage, and making sure no water was getting into the leads etc, he finally convinced me to have a new dish installed with a stronger bracket.

A few days later the problem re-surfaced and I got him back out again. I contacted Sky and explained the situation (I had already informed sky of the problem before getting the new dish). After a fair bit of haggling, they agreed to send me a new digibox as this would surely solve the problem.

The problem was still cropping up though.

Having rulled out the dish, the Lnb, the digibox, there was only one last thing to check. The installer decided to replace the cable running from the dish. The cable ran from the dish, under a roof slate and into the roofspace. And there we had solved the mystery. Where the cable passed under the roofslate, the outer plastic coating had frayed, and the exposed wires were touching the slate. With this replaced, and extra tape wrapped around the cable at the entry point all has been cured.:clap:

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing and would have saved me alot of frustration had we checked the cheapest component first:oops:


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It is very rare for the dish to be at fault so I am quite suprised the installer changed this component first.


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It is very rare for the dish to be at fault so I am quite suprised the installer changed this component first.

Needless to say that I wont be using that guy anymore. All I wanted him to do was check the LNB, but as I live in an exposed area, I felt it wouldn't do any harm in the long run to replace the dish.:thumbsdow

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