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No RGB with 550SD?


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Hi there

Been doing more research before finally purchasing the 550. I have read the manual and it seems the avr550 doesnt support RGB scart? I thought the way it worked was component between the dvd550 and avr550 and then RGB scart to the telly but all i can see is Svideo.

There is a scart on the back of the dvd550 is this RGB or Svideo only?

Is there anyone out there that isnt using component with the 550 let me know if it is posssible. I might be missing something here as no RGB is a real deal stopper for me.

Many Thanks


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I have a 550 and the DVD player DOES output RGB Scart.

You wouldnt u connect component between the DVD and amp, i have the optical cable connected between them both for transferring the digital sound (5.1, DTS etc).

I have my 550 system conneted up like THIS.


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Cheers Duckson :smashin:

I thought that it would have to be RGB just wanted to check. Another question if you have time.

How tall are both the units together? I have read the specs and it says 6.5cm per device. Just not sure if that takes into consideration the castors on the bottom? You see i only have a 13cm gap in my TV stand so it might be a bit tight :laugh: . Also is there vents on top of the DVD player? as i might have to put that at the top as the vents for the amp will be blocked by the shelf above.


There are no vents on top of the DVD player so you put the amp on top of it.The manual states at least 10cm clearance all around the unit. This is quite difficult in a normal storage unit, I have 10cm clearance above the amp and it still gets quite warm. Just measured both units together and it's 13cm including the feet on the units. Might be a bit tight in your TV stand.


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As Strangerer has said u should have a bit of clearance around the units, i ended up taking my VCR out (i have 2 other TV's in the house with VCRs and Sky is linked to these rooms as well so i can tape from that if needs be) as i would of had very very little space in the cabinet. I now have a decent amount of room above the amp (which is on top of the DVD player) which is the most important thing, i have no room at the sides though (well a couple of mm each side :laugh: ) but this i dont think is that important.


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Cheers lads :smashin:

The space at the sides isnt an issue but it looks like it would be a tight old squeeze height wise. My only option i feel is to put the amp at the bottom and the DVD palyer on top of it as the top of the DVD player will be tight against the shelf.

In your opinion do you think the gap then between the amp and DVD player would be too small? Essentially there would only reall be a gap the size of the castors. Dont want to start melting DVD's :laugh:

Might see if i can do a sneaky mod on the shelf but i dont think i'll be able to magic up 10cm clearance though


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Definiately do not put the amp at the bottom, you'll practically cover up the vents and that could lead to either the amp developing a fault or the DVD player above it through excess heat.

Remember those vents are there for a reason! ;)


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Yeah thought as much. Shot in the dark really.

Gonna evaluate if i can move the shelves in my TV stand, gonna mean some drilling but i am a DIY master at the mo :laugh:

Thanks for all the input lads :smashin:

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