No region code for HD DVD?


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From today's "DVD Forum Japan Conference 2005"

“We’ve gotten a variety of opinions about region controls. Even in the Steering Committee, they are extremely unpopular; we decided to not put them in. HD DVD probably won’t contain any region playback controls.” - Hisashi Yamada (Toshiba Digital Media Networks)

Could this be a way to get more consumer support than BluRay?



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Might get more consumer support, but it'll get less Motion Picture support, and without that the format is dead.


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The current DVD region coding concept is archaic, because the Internet (movie promotion…) is worldwide and the e-business ( ...) is worldwide.

A lot of people enjoy original version movies; others can only watch dubbed or subbed versions.
They are different customers.
In other words, the studios won’t lose any money if they adopt the launch business model of the book industry: the English version of a Harry Potter book has a worldwide launch, and the other language versions arrive some months later.
JK Rowling is rich, very rich!

Original version die-hards currently use region-modified DVD players.
If the region coding lasts with new high def discs, it will encourage ("legal") hacking!
It isn’t a win-win context.

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