No Red Ring, No display, already been x-clamped, now corrupted image!


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So I have a US ***LAUNCH** 360 that decided to display a blank screen with sound just before xmas. I ordered x-clamp, fitted and cooked the 360. Worked fine for 2 weeks and now I am getting graphical glitches (red/green hues etc)

It still boots up and works but graphical glitches a-plenty.

Is the GPU totally screwed now then?
Any fixes I can make?

She's had a good innings I suppose :(

Anyone have any ideas?


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To correct it and keep it running, you need to do them all.

Im London too, if you want to strip it down, i don't mind heatgunning your motherboard for you. 8 minute job, plus waiting time really.


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Its all about keeping the connections with the GPU, only has to be lifted off very slightly before the solder melts at its thinnest point, you could try tweaking the screws one each side a turn on or a turn off, just check your clearance between the gpu heatsink and board resistors, touch one of those and it will cause all sorts of chaos for you.
The credit card on the corners or maybe a few corners, might be a slight kink in the board, try different ones and see what the results are like.
You can easy tell if its gpu or hana that needs help by hairdryering the hana for a few minutes on hot to see if the picture comes back, the only thing with heatgunning is that you have to be careful, to much heat in the wrong hands will cause resistors/capacitors on the bottom of the board to go missing, I should post up some shops of horrors that i got in haha

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