No Rear Surround.

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by Garrett, Jan 5, 2005.

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    I have been using a Soundblaster sound card for a long time and used it for front and rear speakers by means of using two outputs to two amps.

    I got a Pinnacle capture card and it would not allow me to use the SB sound card for inputting sound. :confused: So as I rwas using a ABIT KV7 Motherboard I tried that for inputting the sound and it worked, so took the SB out.

    The problem I’m having now is that I really need the rear speakers to be working but although I have the rear amp and speaker connected to the rear out put socket on the MB no sound is steered there and everything comes out of the front. I have the speakers set to quadraphonic in the settings as before.

    Anyone got any ideas why I’m not getting sound now from the rear speakers?

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