No rattle, just humm



My powered sub starts to hum occasionally, it seems to happen during a commercial when I'm watching TV, it gets progressively louder until I have to switch it off. If I turn it right back on, the hum stops, I picked up a ground loop isolator and the humming is less frequent, but it still shows up. I've got a 25 foot run from the sub output to the sub. Would a power conditioner help?


Originally posted by krzyd
Would a power conditioner help?

i doubt it. If it was a power problem, then i wouldnt happen just when watching ads..... unless there is something in the signal from the ads that isnt present otherwise. Hmmmmmmm, slightly miffed to be honest. Have you managed to reproduce the problem with and dvd's or other medium? What channel if any does it specifically happen on?



Update - I have a different sub in the system now, and guess what? SAME [email protected]#$%^& PROBLEM! Has anyone seen a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
It might be a mains or earth loop problem. Unplugg as many components as you can but leave the sub on. Check to see if the problem happens again.

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