No quibble retailer in UK?


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Which UK retailer has a no quibble policy as regards exchange/refund on a projector purchase (without charging stocking fees etc. if the package is opened) ?


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Sounds a bit like wanting your cake and eating it..... why not go to a dealer, (and do a deal)?


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If you buy using mail order, you are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations.

These are not optional for the retailer and any attempt to reduce your rights under the DSR are illegal.

In a nutshell, you have up to seven days to cancel and return - without penalty - any goods you ordered. The seven day period begins when you receive written instructions on how to cancel your order (usually the T&C's on the back of the invoice you would receive with the goods).

If the retailer does not provide you with written instructions on how to cancel your order, this period is automatically extended to three months.


If you want proper customer service though, find a good local dealer!


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Many thanks for the info and the informative PDF doc.
Nowhere does it say that the retailer can ask for a stocking charge if the goods have been opened, yet every dealer seems to demand this. Can this be questioned?

Also it says: exceptions to the right to cancel:-
cd, dvd, tapes with software, audio or video if unsealed.
A lot of hardware purchases are accompanied by software CDs to enable them to work and thus opening the CD pack seems to negate the right for a full refund?


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Manhar, where abouts are you, I called superfi in nottingham and they told me about one of there sister shops in Leeds (cant remember the name now) and when I called them they were happy for me to go along, buy a z3 take it home and use it for 1 week, I could have returnded it as long as i hadn't the mickey and built up silly amount of hours in the first week..

I didn't bother because they were dearer than most the online retailers though.

Not sure if that helps or not, but worth a call into super fi if you are anywhere near leeeds
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