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No PS3 image through projector when splitting


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OK, So I've looked at other threads but to be honest I've now reached the age that it seems I no longer comprehend technology.

Basically I have a PS3 that I want to send a feed to a Panasonic Tv and an Optoma projector. If sent directly via hdmi then the projector works fine and displays normally whatever the PS3 is playing. Now, ideally I want to be able to have the feed going to the TV as well.

Physically swapping the leads around is possible but is becoming a ball ache. I decided to try a cheapy HDMI splitter from ebay. When wired up the image to the projector came out all choppy and basically bad. It tried to display in 1921 by something. As soon as I wired directly then it was perfect.

I ditched the splitter and then bought a female to female adaptor thinking I could just swap the cables more easily without splitting the signal. But the same thing happened. No image this time and the same weird 1921 resolution.

Is it solvable? The projector can be 3d with extra equipment so is it something to do with that, having read other threads stating problems with HDMI leads and mixing signals?

A lot of waffle but hope someone gets the jist of my rambling:smashin:

Joe Fernand

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There are many reasons why you may be hitting this problem!

The quality of the 1x2 Distribution Amp can be a contributing factor – as can the feature set it supports.

The supported signal formats of your two Display devices can also be a problem – if they don’t support the same range of signal forms (1080p24, 1080p60, 1080i50 etc.) you will have to ‘lock’ the Source to a format which both support!

The length of and quality of your HDMI cables can also be a factor – if the 1x2 Distribution Amp is non-powered you may be suffering from voltage starvation across the cable runs.

The quality of the Firmware your Display devices run can also be a problem.

A higher quality 1x2 Distribution Amp which offers EDID management and other ‘advanced’ Features may resolve the problem – Media Factory - Octava HDDA12A-UK, HDMI1x2 Distribution Amp + audio converter


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