no projector yet and still very confused!!!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by The Spaniard, Jan 29, 2001.

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    some of you will know that I have been looking to buy a projector for some time but crt is out of the question (too large and cumbersome), lcd dont seem good enough (not really impressed with sony or toshiba) and dlp are too expensive and some say too hyped (sim 200)!!!

    I was hoping that the new yamaha dlp would be worth a look or the new toshiba mt2 but the latest news is not too good. The yamaha is not going to be available until august at the earliest and is expected to retail at around £7,000!! (yamaha info) and the only apparent difference on the toshiba will be that it is hdtv compatible!! Does any one know any different??

    The sanyo lv30? has also been suggested to me but although it seems to score on most fronts it seems unsuitable because it requires a longer throw distance than I have available to provide the image width I desire! Can anyone tell me where i can go and see all of the projectors discussed thus far and possibly more, side by side and on different types of screen or is this just a fanciful pipedream!! any advice, info or sympathy would be most welcome!!

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