No programme guide on my Humax for Days!


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Got a humax 8000 ish machine.

Noticed that the guide has been blank for at least 4 days.

Eveytime I press guide, nothing:confused:

Anyone noticed this/offer any remedys?


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the guide will be affected by signal, so if yours is not that strong the guide is compromised in favour of the picture and sound,
when you tuned in did you get good signal results, as average or poor generally causes a loss.


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Thanks for the replies.:smashin:

I get farily decent signal strenth/quality.

I've turned on and off (at the back) and some (few BBC) listings are back up.

Will see how things pan out.


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The EPG on mine goes blank every once in a while (the intervals are several months), and I have to switch off and on at the back to get the EPG going again.

It's as though some EPG workspace, or a linked list, is not being cleared properly after use, so it gradually fills up over a period of time, and when it's full the EPG stops working. (Just a hypothesis. It's probably caused by something completely different.)

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