No Polks for me....


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or Bose for that matter...

So many subs and not enough money to buy and try them all. I'm looking for recommendations.

I am considering these pups in the $600 to $700 range:

Outlaw LFM-1 EX
Velodyne 80-EQM10BV EQ-Max

My receiver is a Nakamichi R1 @ 80/100 watts per into Canton CT-1000s, all vintage and still beautiful. I also switch in Audioengine A5+s for a kick. I listen to rock and fusion jazz. Right now I am listening to Tedeschi Trucks Band. Movies are not important.




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If movies aren't important then Sealed would definitely be the way to go as you get the tightness needed for music and don't have to worry about wall-shaking depth :)

As you have mentioned $, are you in the US or UK? If you're in the US then you might also consider the PSA / Power Sound Audio (I think?) subs - they have an ethos similar to the SVS range but are a bit cheaper IIRC.

Would DIY be an option for you? For that sort of money you could build something great :)


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Thanks MemX

I am in the US. I checked out PSA.... the guys there came from SVS. They've got some sick subs.

For the WAF smaller is better so I am inclined to go with SVS for the sealed box. PSA was not cheaper.

Appreciate the tips.


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