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No picture on projecter

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by chris thomas, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. chris thomas

    chris thomas

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    Could anyone please put me right on what i may possibly be doing wrong has i cant seem to get a picture on my pj from pc.:mad:
    I hav a radeon 9700 card with dual output and i,m connecting this to a sony vpl vw11-ht with a vga to 5phono cable which i had from gordon at covergant av.
    I just can,t get a picture on the pj, i have tried the cable from the vga output of the card to component input of the pj and also used the dvi socket with the dongle which came with the radeon and still no luck.
    The computer setting has been selected for input A of the pj so i cant see what i,m doing wrong.
    I reckon its possibly a desktop setting with windows xp home edition i,m using, please help has its really peeing me off now :mad:
    Spoze i,ll hav to use me tosh sd220 e to watch predator 2 tonight, could be worse i spoze.:suicide: :smashin:

    [edited for swearing by nutcase_1uk]

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