No Picture on LCD 32" from new Media PC!


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Trying to connect a Philips LX2000 to a Philips 32" LCD tv - DVI output on the PC and HDMI on the TV. Nothing! No signal recieved - Have used the exact lead on a previous PC to the TV - even then it didnt work at first but seemed to start working after I started up things in a certain order.

I've heard that refresh rates and resolutions could be the problem. If I dont have the right resolution surely there should still be something on screen though???:(

Any help would be appreciated as I dont know what to try!!


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not all tvs will accept a pc signla thorugh hdmi have you tried vga?

Already had a PC working through this TV though via DVI to HDMI. :(

Dont have a vga port on the PC - only S-video or DVI.

Baffles the life out of me and customer care were clueless as to why this would be also.


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must be either the resolution then or the refresh rate try taking it down to 1024x768 and a mix of 50 an 60 hz to see if you get a pic and work your way up. it shuld state in the manual what resolutions it supports have you checked


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what model tv is it?

Sorry mate - no idea. I'm at work at the mo and have no internet connection at home yet (New house). So no easy way of checking up on drivers, solutions, etc..

Will give the refresh rate and res a go tonight and see if I can get anything. Thanks for the help:smashin:

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