No OSD on LG C1 from RX-V6A?


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Hi all,
I looked all over and saw no solution. It’s my first real sound setup so maybe im missing something trivial, and my wife is angry meanwhile.

I just got an LG C1 and Yamaha RX-V6A, connected with HDMI eARC. I plugged AppleTV 4K to the Yamaha. I updated to the latest 1.48 firmware, and verified all Short Display settings 100 times

when I change volume during setup it shows on the bottom/top, but when I leave setup and it goes back to showing the video, volume no longer displays on screen when changed. It does show “Dolby vision” overlay for a couple of seconds.

Thanks for any guidance!


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The info regarding DOLBY VISION on your TV screen is generated by the TV and not by the AV receiver. That info has nothing to do with the AV receiver or the AV receiver's onsceen graphics. THe TV indicates when ot detects Dolby Vision and will do likewise if and when it detects other forms of HDR such as HLG or HDR10.

The only time you'd not be able to see or access the AV receiver's onscreen graphics is if and when using ARC or eARC/ THis is because ARC repurposes the HDMI connection so that only audio is conveyed from the TV to the AV receiver and video and or the AV receiver's onscreen menus would not be conveyed to the TV. You will not have access to any of the AV receiver's menus or onscreen graphics if and when using ARC or eARC to access audio from the TV or from devices passing their audio through that TV.

If the source you are watching is connected to the AV receiver and if passing that source\s video through the AV receiver and out to the TV then the AV receiver should be able to mix its onscreen hraphics into that signal and you should see this on the TV's screen?

Note that it may be the case that your AV receiver is unable to mix its onscreen graphics into Dolby Vision encoded video? This is the case with other AV receivers and they too will not fascilitate such onscreen graphics in association with Dolby Vision encoded content. It is basically down to Dolby and their implimentation of Dolby Vision on the content and onboard the source and the display. Do ypou see and get the onscreen volume indicator if and when watching content not encoded with Dolby Vision?
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