No optical output on HD channels


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Nov 15, 2006
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Hi any suggestions please. The Sky engineer has been and gone, scratching his head with mutterings about reporting it to his boss blah blah.

Setting the Optical output to 'DolbyD' results in no sound on HD channels only. Setting it to 'Normal' results in Dolby Pro logic sound. The engineer tried with a replacement box but the effect was the same.

HD box is linked to Denon 2307 receiver via Optical cable.

All was fine until the middle of last week....
Try pressing the Blue MODE button on the Denon Amp....................make sure it is on AUTO....................shout " 'kin brilliant " as loud as you can when it works!:D
ta very much - worked as suggested. Be interested to know what caused this though? For any other Denon 2307 owners 'Mode' button is the 'Input' button reverse of remote (bottom right) - p28 of manual.
I have found that in such cases it is usually dodgy finger trouble.
Do you have any kids as they are the usual culprits.

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