No OLED TVs until late 2013


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According to Industry Analysis

According to an interview with the Korea Times, industry analysts DisplaySearch say neither of the Korean manufactures will be releasing their 55 inch OLED TVs until next year, owing to manufacturing yield problems; an issue that's always been a concern for the technology.

“Samsung and LG recently scrapped their plans to mass-produce 55-inch OLED televisions this year as the companies are having serious difficulties in improving manufacturing yield,’’ said DisplaySearch

Both LG and Samsung have been nanging the OLED drum since CES in January 2012 and a launch for both was expected before the festive season for those with deep pockets and a technological itch to scratch

“Samsung and LG planned to start selling OLED TVs at major outlets worldwide during the London Olympics. But mass-produced OLED TVs will be available from late next year, not this year,’’ said the official.

“The total shipments for OLED TVs this year will be 500, down from the 50,000 we had earlier expected,’’ said the DisplaySearch official, citing the very low production yield as the main reason.

Samsung spokesman Song Cheol-gyu and LG Electronics spokesman Yoon Won-il reiterated a `soon-to-be-released’ stance without giving any updates.

Source: Korea Times



Bad news for all us oled waiters then ...

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