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no multichannel output (HDMI) with Domino 20H



Hi all,
I have a Domino 20H connected to a Denon 3910 via HDMI.
The Denon has the new Firmware with HDMI 1.1
I take the audio toslink output from the Domino to my Yamaha Receiver.
In the setup from the Denon I make sure I have multichannel in the HDMI-setup.
Now, my problem is there is only a 2-channel sound witch comes out from the Domino toslink output.
What is wrong here ?
Denon says, that the monitor must have HDMI 1.1 for multichannel output.
Is there a new firmware for the Domino ?
Can someone help ?



Well-known Member
Out of interest why not just connect the dvd player direct to the amp?

Also HDMI is a copy protected connection that will only work with another HDMI connection. That includes audio. so unless the toslink(optical) is also of the same copy protection(which it isnt) it will not pass audio as the signal will not lock.
The HDMI connection on the sim2s as far as i know is for video only.

But its worth saying that no HDMI audio output can be converted to any other audio connection(such as coax, optical etc) as this would breach copy protection

AD Roser

Active Member
The optical output on our projectors does not pass hi-res multichannel audio.

As Gandley mentioned you really should connect the HDMI from you DVD player direct to your amp if you want to experience full multichannel from SACD/DVD Audio sources. Assuming your amp is HDMI 1.1 compliant.


Alan Roser

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